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LaughMy name is Nicole and I’m a music fan and enthusiast. I love to listen to music, talk about music, read about music, and on occasion play music. I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana and it’s a great place to be for a music lover (how convenient). The music scene here is amazing including local bands and touring acts that stop through, there’s always a good show to catch or band to support. I’ve been actively involved in the music scene for the past six years supporting local music on the radio, managing and promoting bands/shows, and writing about music.  Here you’ll find me talking about music I like (local and beyond), upcoming shows, and sometimes just stuff.

Be sure to check out the “For Kicks” page, where I’ll post videos and links to other cool things.

These days you can catch me on WFHB, Bloomington’s volunteer-powered community radio station. I can be heard hosting interviews on the Wednesday evening Local Live shows (9:30pm.)  I book, host and coordinate the Local Live performances. If you are interested in Local Live check out our page (contact info is there).

Links and such:

About Me In My Blog:

My Top 5 Bands
My Top 2008 in Music
Best of 2009 Awards
Favorite Songs of 2010
Best Albums of 2011
Best of 2012: Drummers in the Front

Oldie but so entertaining: LiveBuzz Interview (October 2008)

Got some business to discuss?? Please contact me using the form below!
**Please use discretion when considering sending things to me to check out.  I’m up for new music, but I HATE downloading music files (yes, I actually still PURCHASE physical music, and I prefer not to clog up my hard drive).  Please send links to your music on sites like bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc. where I can stream your music as opposed to a download. Also, please browse through the blog and see if your music is a fit.

5 responses to “About The Writer

  1. Hi Nicole, I just read your review of Ben Kweller from last week and the news of Dino Jr’s new label. Great job!

    I’m seeing Kweller play this Friday night in Philadelphia and was just hoping to find some reviews from recent shows. Thanks.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I am a former Bloomington resident now living in Berlin, I have really enjoyed your blog as I have very fond memories of my time in Bloomington and the area music scene.

    If you would like to hear what a West Viriginian, Bloomingtonian, Dubliner, Berliner mut sounds like have a listen here http://www.ericeckhart.com. Hope you enjoy! All the best and thanks for your work on this blog!! Eric

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