So I’ve decided to enter the world of internet blogging. It’s a big step for me, because I’ve been wanting to branch out in collecting my thoughts for years. I’ve failed at so many attempts to keep a physical journal, that a blog just seemed to make sense at this time in my life.

Most of the people who know me know that I talk a lot. I always have something to say and whether or not it’s necessarily the right thing to say, or the right time, I usually just say it. I’m not saying I’m an inconsiderate, loudmouthy chatterbox, but I have a lot of opinions, ideas, and just things to talk about. I love conversation. I love just sitting and having a meaningful or witty conversation with someone.

Anyway. The reason I started this is like I said, I have a lot to say, but also, I have a lot of thoughts that go unsaid, a lot of introspective thought, which is probably surprising for someone who expresses their thoughts so openly. I’m home from break right now, and I started looking through my past journals. The only ones I was able to keep were from high school, and instead of writing entries about my feelings or experiences, I wrote down song lyrics to whatever song was describing my life at that moment. I also kept clippings from news articles or flyers, stickers, or nick-nacks from events and trips I went on. Sometimes I included words or thoughts with them. I made a few lists, mostly playlists for feelings, favorite song lists, band name ideas, typical angsty, music-loving teen stuff.

But now I’m older. And I’m thinking about how much I don’t say, how much I wish I could, and how I really need to just write. I spend more time on the computer these days anyway, so why not try this blog thing?

So here it goes, we’ll see how long this lasts and how well it goes. For now here’s a little about who I am. Right now I am a junior in college. I am a music enthusiast. I love going to live shows and being around musicians and other enthusiasts. I know where I want my life to go, but I have no idea how I am going to get to that. For now I’m just doing the best I can, and trying not to forget to enjoy life while I’m living it and young. I live everyday to be happy, and do my best not to get caught up in ridiculous things, it’s just not worth the drama when you can just put on a fresh attitude and try again.

I think that’s all I have to say today. If anyone has read this, cool, I hope it wasn’t a waste of your time. But then again, I’m not writing this for you, so it really doesn’t matter. Go out and live life. Love every minute of it, be happy, be you.

In the meantime, here’s a song I LOVE:


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