I’d really like to talk about Bloomington, Indiana. I’m probably only thinking about it so much right now because I’m away for winter break. But it’s just such a great place that has given me so much. I never thought I would fall into a place in Indiana as well as I did Bloomington. It was a surprise, and a chance I’m really glad I took in life. My mom’s husband suggested I might like IU so after a lot of failed college visits, I gave it a shot and just fell in love with the campus. I just had that feeling like, “I could see myself here for four years”. Little did I know it would be an amazing change and just what I needed.

First of all, Bloomington has an amazing music scene. It’s the perfect nesting ground for bands of all sizes and sounds to get together. And there are so many opportunities to see live music. No matter how old you are, you still have at least an opportunity to see live music somewhere. There’s all ages places like Rhino’s, the Cinemat, the Waldron. And then of course there are the bars, and the great basement shows at the Statehouse and the Clinic. But even better it’s got so many ways to get involved, whether it’s with putting on concerts on campus, working with radio, or even just seeing music. It opened my eyes to a whole world I didn’t know existed.

As involved as I am in the Btown scene, most people would probably be surprised to know that I didn’t really attend many concerts before college. I listened to top 40 radio, pop and alt rock. Being in Bloomington I got to see live music and meet the people behind it: the musicians, the fans, the promoters, the people sitting behind the sound boards. It was something I was so excited to be a part of, and I didn’t even have to be invited into it, I was just welcome.

That’s what really surprised me. In Fort Wayne it’s like you have to be accepted to be cool enough to be a part of the scene, (and you have to be 21 to see any decent music). The scene is so limited in the Fort as well. So much cover band rock, and mainstream music. Most of the local bands aren’t that good because they are trying so hard to be everyone they heard or trying TOO hard to sound unique. There’s nothing like WIUX or Rhino’s in Fort Wayne. They have an Art Museum but it’s hardly encouraged that people go there to hang out or are even influenced to be artists.

Fort Wayne is so lost when it comes to a sense of community like the one I feel in Bloomington. There are places like Bloomingfoods, there’s a farmer’s market, there are bike trails on main roads, and local businesses supporting each other instead of corporate stores pushing through. It’s just a whole different vibe in Bloomington. And I’m not saying it’s the perfect haven of a place where nothing bad happens and everyone lives in peace and harmony. But it’s a place where from the second I got there, I felt like it was where I was meant to be. I’ve lived a lot of places, and never felt as attached to either as I do when I’m in Bloomington. I am probably not going to live there for the rest of my life, but for right now, I’m really glad to be there right now.


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