My Top 5 Bands

I have to say that in my book, hands down, no band, and I mean NO BAND, rocks harder than Foo Fighters. Two of my life goals are to (1) see this band live and (2) meet Dave Grohl. He is one of the top musicians on my list of inspirations, and a day to hang with him, would be beyond sweet. Anyway, I think “In Your Honor”, is one of their hardest rocking recordings ever, along with basically everything on Foo Fighters, plus “The Pretender”, “Let It Die”, “My Hero”, and “All My Life”, the Foos know how make any listener want to crank their stereo to eleven. However, here is a live clip of my favorite Foo Fighters song, wish I could have been in the audience for this show:

That being said, Foo Fighters is definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. They rock so hard and embody my opinion of what a true American rock band should sound like.

I often like to ask people what their favorite bands are and why. It’s interesting to hear the response because that question can be mind-boggling if someone isn’t prepared. I mean, your all-time favorite bands don’t necessarily comply with what you are listening to at the present time. These are the bands that have influenced you the most, and probably been jamming in your stereo the most over a longer period of time, rather than what your favorite album is right now. So for now, I’m gonna list my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Bands. And don’t judge, you may be surprised or disappointed, but hey, this is about me not you. 😛

[1] Blink-182

I know many of you who know me know are just sitting there thinking, WHAT?? Yes, the indie chick happens to LOVE blink-192, get over it. For me, blink-182 was my first ever favorite band. This is taking band in the sense of a contemporary act that was not in my well brought up roots of Classic Soul and R&B, hip-hop, rap, or general pop. It was kind of my introduction to rock music.

I got into blink-182 around the 6th grade after my parents got divorced. I was having a really tough time dealing with it, and most of my life music was something I used to cope with my feelings. Most rap and R&B songs just didn’t deal with the pain of divorce, so one day when I heard the song “Stay Together For the Kids”, I was just drawn in. It was so relieving to see a band making a song about experiencing the same kind of pain I was going through. It was just nice to know that I wasn’t alone, and that someone else out there had gone through what I had gone through.

Ever since then, I have collected album after album of theirs, I’m hoping to track down a copy of The Tom, Mark, and Travis Show next summer in Australia, apparently it’s been repressed there according to Wikipedia. 🙂 My favorite album of theirs? The first one I ever got: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. But it’s followed closely by their last release blink-182 which I think has their best and most mature songs.

[2] Foo Fighters

As mentioned above, no band rocks harder than Foo Fighters. This band has had such an influence on my musical tastes, and personally Dave Grohl is one of the top musicians on my list of those to meet in my lifetime. They just have such energy and and explosive style that is apparent in every aspect of their music: the vocals, the guitars, the drums. Each and every bit of it is played out to the fullest, and they always look like they love every minute of playing together. They are my model for what a band should sound like and act like both in their recordings and their live performances. Every Foo album is worth your undivided attention, they have so many songs that are just great every single time you hear them.

[3] Nirvana

Is there even anything to say about this band that hasn’t already been said? It was the perfect combination and the perfect sound. I love Kurt Cobain’s voice on an unhealthy level, and of course my hero Dave Grohl was rockin’ the drums like no other. Krist Novoselic’s bass work is just beautiful. They were perfect, that’s really all there is to it. My favorite Nirvana song would have to be “Polly”, but my favorite album is a tie between Bleach and Nevermind. Mainly because they both mark pivotal points in the band’s career. Nevermind was the big, heavily produced debut for the band, their breakout chart-topping success with classics like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “In Bloom”. But it’s the tracks like “Drain You”, of course “Polly”, and “Breed”, “Lounge Act” and “Stay Away” that etched the album in stone for me. However, when you take a step backwards and listen to Bleach you can hear the true genius and raw power of the band that would lead to those future successes.

Bleach has a sound that is so raw and beautiful. Songs like “Blew”, “School”, “Scoff”, and “Negative Creep” get me every time. They just have this powerful song that like the perfect flavor for what I think of when I think of grunge rock. There’s just so much there that became so much more in the albums to follow. But I feel like all Nirvana fans should definitely take the time to release this brilliance of the recordings on Bleach. So I guess I really love Bleach but because I also really like the polished sound of Nevermind and the songs on it, I just can’t pick one over the other. I like both albums for different reasons. Bleach got people to take notice, Nevermind got people to listen. And the rest was history.

[4] Kings of Leon

old school Kings of Leon
See yesterday’s post

[5] Incubus

This is a band that I fell for hard in my teen years. I had heard Incubus on the radio and mentioned all over TV from songs like “Pardon Me” and “Drive”, but that just really wasn’t enough for me to dedicate my ears to their music at first. Then I saw the video for their song Warning from Morning View, and everything changed.

I still remember the first time I saw it; it was like the world had stood still. I went out and bought Morning View, and to this day it is my soundtrack for rainy days, and my favorite Incubus album (“Just a Phase” blows me away every time I hear it.) I followed my usual recipe of waiting for the next album and then working my way backwards, and although A Crow Left of the Murder is my least favorite album of theirs, I still loved the talent of the band enough to buy Make Yourself, which is amazing (especially tracks like “The Warmth”, “Stellar’, and my favorite from the album “Clean”).

I also picked up the latest release, Light Grenades. That album really brings back the energy and creativity that I was hoping would be in A Crow Left of the Murder. Tracks like “Oil and Water”, “Rogues”, “Light Grenades”, and “Dig” continue to restore what I have always loved about this band. They just have such a distinct style and a lot of energy that is perfectly harnessed in their songs. It’s never too much, but you also can’t get enough of it. I could listen to Brandon Boyd’s voice for hours. What I really love about this band is how much power and emotion they can pack into their slower songs. Even their ballads rock hard, but in a perfectly crafted, delicate way. Try listening to “Warning”, “Mexico”, “Paper Shoes”, or “Talk Shows On Mute”, and you’ll see what I mean.

Honorable Mention: The Strokes, Alien Ant Farm, Pearl Jam, Weezer

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