Mad TV?

A lot of the people I know are not fans of MAD TV. Personally I don’t spend time watching either show (MAD TV or SNL, the latter with the exception of the lovely Tina Fey-as-Sarah Palin routines), but when I started catching a few skits and parodies on YouTube, I became attached to the creative humor of MAD TV’s music parodies. As a fan of music, and a fan of Weird Al, one learns to appreciate when people can take the everyday radio-friendly jam and turn it into a song that really means something. Why don’t all songs represent the truths we see everyday?? Take this on for example (see below.) It’s a parody of Nelly Turtado’s jam with Timbaland “Promiscuous”, a whole song dedicated to the need to get involved ‘no strings attached’ with whoever is attracting you at the current moment, even if you took a different person home last nite, or even the nite before. But know one tells the real story of the Promiscuous girl…until now:

Come on, seriously…admit that it’s funny! Anyway another that caught my eye is one that cracks on an artist I actually adore. The FEIST iPod commercial was great in taking Feist to the next level in terms of gaining a broader audience and showing off her indie style to the world. Apple was smart in choosing the creative eye catching “1234” vid for the campaign. And it probably didn’t put a dent in the sales of iPods, although I don’t know if the video alone really motivated buyers towards the iPod Nano, or towards their iTunes store for the song. Either way, it’s a win/win for Apple. But think about how many people you know who buy their fancy new edition iPods just to watch Apple come out with a new model or line such as the iPod Touch or the iPhone. And then as soon as you buy that, they upgrade that product ASAP to “work out the kinks”. Come on use test groups to get the kinks out so you at least have time to get used to the current model before fantasizing the new one. Or the tears people shed when they bought the first edition iPhones, only to have the price drop and a new model out in the same year. This vid captures all my musical iProduct frustrations:

And on the topic of iProduct madness:

If you don’t think that is even remotely funny, you take yourself way too seriously. Now I will admit, not all of what MAD TV comes up with is funny, the Rihanna “Umbrella” parody on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lacked in taste, and many of the others are just trying too hard, but occasionally they get the recipe straight. Sometimes it’s just the simple humor of ridiculousness that brings in the big points, such as the infamous “Can I Have Your Number”:

So that’s all for today. Hopefully you got a few laughs, I know I did.


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