Spirit Spine

My friend got blogged about today, and I’m pretty excited for him. He’s a fresh new musician with a creative mind and a winning personality, so I’m happy that after putting forth the effort to put his music out there, he is already getting positive results.

Spirit Spine
Spirit Spine

Spirit Spine is the work of a friend of mine, and is a project involving music, creativity, and technology. I haven’t heard the entire album or seen a live performance, so I can’t give you a full-on review yet (but I will!), but I’ve been listening to clips from each of the side projects involved with this artist, as well as the Friendsongs album he did, covering and remixing songs for his friends. I’m convinced this kid has a true gift and I think you will enjoy the music he makes as well!

First Listen Recommendation: “How Soon?”


Schizophrenia? Check out some of his alter egos:
Crimson Citizen


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