the Delicious

Speaking of dietary anxieties, I want to write about one of my favorite Bloomington bands.

the Delicious
the Delicious

The Delicious is one of my favorite bands to see perform live, because they always know how to put on an entertaining show. A band of four talented musicians, the Delicious blends clever songwriting with quirky, poppy, jazzy, yet still rocking musical tunes. The band is led by David Woodruff on lead vocals and guitar, the Romy brothers: Matt on keys/vocals and Nick on bass/vocals, and the amazing Ben Fowler on drums. (I stress the ‘amazing’ because you seriously have to see this guy to believe it, his arms look like rubber when he plays, and while he attacks those drums with a fury, he still manages to look out into the audience and smile just to show how much how much he enjoys every minute.) All of the members are equally talented musicians, trained to play anything from jazz to punk to classical music, so listening to the different musical influences that appear in their songs is always a treat.

As far as songs, as noted earlier, the lyrics are genius. Woodruff always manages to craft witty lyrics and catchy choruses that deal with everything from love, to identity theft, and even an ode to high fructose corn syrup. the-delicous-cdThe first full-length Delicious CD. The Delicious The Delicious was a collection of quirky, indie-pop tunes and thoughtful ballads that became a quick favorite of many in the Bloomington scene. Songs like “It’s Not Time (To Die)”, “Social Security”, “Dearest Dutchess”, and “Corn Syrup” really stuck out upon my first listen. The first two are both rather short concise pop tunes,

David Woodruff
David Woodruff taken by Gaby Cheikh

with entertaining subject matters and fun melodies that made you want to get up and dance. The slower, more controlled tracks like “Dearest Duchess” and “Suspended In Air” encourage listeners to appreciate some of the more jazzy elements of the band’s sound, and the carefully delivered lyrics keep the listener in suspense as the follow the meandering plot of the song. Overall, The Delicious The Delicious is a great album, and I encourage all first-timers to buy it and have a listen. From the country-ish “Math” to the infectious “Every Other Night (AKA Ben’s Song)”, to the 6 and half minute “The Hand Model Waltz”, this album is full of fantastic songwriting and a multitude of musical styles. But while this album is classic and immortalized to Delicious fans, it’s their latest release that solidified the band’s status as one of my top Bloomington bands.

Postcard To My Sewing Circle was released in 2008 on Joyful Noise Recordings, and for me an introduction to a whole new Delicious sound and a taste of what I see as a great future for the band. Starting off with the catchy “Hokusai”, listeners are introduced to a newer, fuller sound from the band instrumentation-wise.

Ben Fowler and Matt Romy
Ben Fowler and Matt Romy

“Hokusai” and “Accelerated Dickery” are more of the classic ‘Delicious’ songs on the EP that translate very well with those who have heard the previous album. But it’s tracks like “Time & Energy” and especially “Cryptozoological Allstars” that peak into a whole new direction for the band. “Time & Energy” is an amazing song, it’s a love song, that starts out with just Woodruff on vocals with his guitar plucking eighth notes to the first verse:
You should encourage me to be worth your while, to be worth your time and energy…“. And just as you think you know where the song is headed, it explodes into a massiveness of full band and voices. While the pattern and rhythm of the song is repetitive, each time is increasingly more climactic, going from a simple love tune to a full out rock experience.

Nick Romy
Nick Romy taken by David Hassell

“Cryptozoological Allstars”, while difficult to pronounce, is also quite a stellar piece from the band. It was the song that surprised me most on the EP, because it was so different from the typical Delicious style. It’s an extremely rhythmic piece with a very distinct moving bass line and drum pattern in the start, the keyboards and even guitar are rather subtle throughout the piece showing up more in the middle portion of the song. It’s really just a piece that is strange, yet highly intriguing, and ended up being on of my new favorites. “The Tangible” finishes out the EP, and clocking in at 6 minutes and 20 seconds it’s one of the longest songs the band has ever recorded. With it’s swinging rhythm and layered instrumental parts its a beautifully crafted piece. The moving bassline and melody pair up with the quick flowing lyrics that really carry the song through it’s 6/8 time.
It’s really easy to loose yourself in this song, and before you know it, you’ve reached the end, and just want to start the entire EP over again.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a band quite like the Delicious. They are quite the bunch of characters that make up a amazing band together. They bring a lot of personality and style to their performances as well as their songs. For those who weren’t around for the release of their first album The Delicious The Delicious, it’s being re-released by Joyful Noise Recordings, and just in time for their February tour. If the Delicious is coming towards a city near you, I’m demanding you not to miss out, because it’s an experience to remember.

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