Eric Radoux

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That is my friend Eric Radoux and all I can say every time I watch that video, or listen to his music, is “wow”. I don’t think I have ever seen talent quite like him before, but I love absolutely everything about him. As a one-man-band, Eric is much more than your average singer-songwriter. He blends many styles and instruments together to create some of the most beautiful and creative music I have ever heard. His performances are always an intimate experience because the audience gets to see him create his songs part by part, vocal by vocal, and just escape into the world he creates.

Eric Radoux “In Dreams”:

In an Eric Radoux performance you are guaranteed to see him utilizing a looping device to pull together live takes of his songs using is smooth and soothing voice, his guitar, beat-boxing, and occasionally eric-radouxtrumpet, piano, and hand-claps. I was first introduced to Eric’s music after listening to his track “Violent Life” on the Live From Bloomington 2008 Compilation CD. It was such a simple song, just guitar and vocals, but it was so beautiful and so intriguing, I had to find out more. I went to one his live shows and was just blown away by his music and the way he creates it. The songs begin with such a simple sound, melody or idea–just one line–and grow into extraordinary complex pieces. It was like perfection, I mean even the flaws (which were few and far between) made the performance more real and natural. Watching an Eric Radoux performance is like watching a painter paint their masterpiece from start to finish right before your eyes, only with music.


He then released 12 One-Take Songs which was a great collection of his masterpieces recorded in one take each using his looping pedal. Whether he was singing about his aging grandfather in “200 Lifetimes”, ‘shoo-bopping’ our hearts away in “Fake a Melt”, or transforming a singular trumpet line into an entire trumpet choir in “Arkady’s Camel”, his songs were filled with such precision and skill, yet at the same time his unique style and sound leaves listeners curious for more.

After releasing an exclusive album of covers to his ReverbNation fans this year, Eric Radoux is working on new material and nearly ready to unveil a new album showcasing what I think are going to be his most endearing songs yet. So I urge you to get caught up now, because this new batch of songs will be out of this world.


First Time Listener Recommendations: “200 Lifetimes”, “Fake a Melt”, “Credit”, “Violent Life”

More about Eric Radoux?
ReverbNation *Download 12 One-Take Songs
Bandcamp *Stream and purchase music


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  1. Agreed. Eric is really original and I like every song he’s ever made. Even going back to “This Dark Day.” Remember that one? Of course he won’t play it now…jerk. But seriously, he’s the man.


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