husband&wife on Daytrotter


One of my favorites, husband&wife, was recently featured on a Daytrotter Session, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. husband&wife is definitely one of my top bands from the Bloomington scene. They weave together some of the most beautiful musical ideas with deeply meaningful verses that literally wrap around your emotions. A lot of their songs are slower ballad(ish) tunes, but a lot also have some good grooves, and a few are even known as their “rocking out” songs (think “did i not tell you” from 2006’s operation:surgery). But every song just hits me in an intense and personal way. Every note played, every vocal sung moves me from deep within and I can just identify what’s being portrayed in their songs.

But anyway, the Daytrotter session is pretty cool, as a longtime h&w fan, I’m not sure how I feel about the sound acoustics selected. The tracks have a lot of echo (reverb?) that I feel kind of transforms their natural sound. However, it does feature some tracks from their long-awaited upcoming album Dark Dark Woods, which will finally be out next month!! “Red Cross Fever” is definitely already one of my new favorites. I was also glad to see their old classic “Don’t Change” make the set.

Have a listen!

husband&wife on Daytrotter

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