Mustache! Seeing is Believing


If you love Murder By Death, and you have NOT seen or heard Mustache!, I must say you are behind and need to catch up ASAP. With their debut album from We Put Out Records, Babes Say The Hottest Things, Mustache! is probably one of the most entertaining acts I’ve seen in quite some time. The more humorous musical endeavor of MBD frontman Adam Turla (aka “Travis Falcontamer”) and a drumming character known as “Jessie Grizzlebottom”, they craft lively songs filled with humor, sex, alcohol, and rock & roll. From the moment I heard the first track off Babes Say the Hottest Things, I was convinced I had to see this ear explosion brought to the stage, and this weekend I finally got my chance.

Anyone who has seen Murder By Death knows that Adam Turla has one hell of a voice and an amazing stage presence. Well, keep the massive voice and the flame guitar, add faded jeans, a sleeveless t-shirt, and a camouflage hunter’s cap, lots of whiskey, and some obscene gestures and you’ve got Mustache! With songs like “Won’t Stop Rockin'”, “I’m Drivin’ This Train”, and “You Gotta Take It To (The Limit)”, the band kept the audience in stitches laughing, dancing and chanting along. Despite a few technical difficulties (broken string, and malfunctioning kick drum pedal) the band kept spirits high with jokes and stories between songs. They had energy to burn and really put on an amazing set.

Now go check them out!

We Put Out Records

A friend of mine took some photos of the awesomeness, you can check them out here (2nd page of the concerts album)


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