New Song: Maps & Atlases “Banished Be Cavalier”


So anyone who has spent time with me knows that I absolutely LOVE the Chicago band Maps & Atlases. They are amazingly talented, put on the best performances, and a major plus, they are super cool guys who are very nice to their fans. Anyway, they have posted a new demo called “Banished Be Cavalier” on their new band blog using their fancy ReverbNation Tune Widget. Casual listeners can hear a 30 second clip of the song, but if you join their mailing list, you receive access to stream the entire track. It’s pretty good, and it’s exciting to see the band getting more recordings out. Let’s cross our fingers that 2009 is the year for the first Maps & Atlases full length album!!!

**Also check out new track “Israeli Caves” on the Maps & Atlases MySpace

**It seems they’ve taken down the blog, so here’s stream of the song someone put up on YouTube!

Maps & Atlases on MySpace
Check out some old school Maps & Atlases songs here


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