Dave Davison: Cast Spells


So Sargent House has finally decided to let us in on the progress of Maps & Atlases frontman Dave Davison’s upcoming solo album under the name Cast Spells. And as a huge fan of both the man and the band, I couldn’t be more excited!

The EP, Bright Works and Baton, is expected to be available “soon”, but you can test out two of its tracks, “Glamorous Glowing” and “Potted Plants”, on the Cast Spells MySpace. I’ve seen Dave’s solo work acoustic three times now, and it’s always surprising to hear the finished product with full instrumentation, but I have to tell I was not let down at all. The tracks are much more stripped down than Maps & Atlases tunes, more folksy and less intense guitar work, but it allows us to finally HEAR what he is saying, and honestly, the lyrics are as pleasant and beautiful as Davison’s voice.

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide your opinion on the matter, so I hope you all check out Cast Spells, and get excited about the project.

Cast Spells Website
Bandcamp *Stream and Purchase Music
Last.fm *Stream Music

Also, check out this 2008 video of Dave Davison and Laura Stevenson from If You Make It’s Pink Couch Sessions



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