Love Is A Fairytale

It’s been a tough week, physically and emotionally draining, and so I haven’t really been inspired to sit down and write. But I am working on a few things, reviews on Totally Michael, Rodeo Ruby Love Vs. The Great American Cities, an artist review on Maps & Atlases, and getting ready for the new husband&wife CD, so keep faith alive that this blog is not dead.

I’ve survived another Valentine’s Day, which happens to be my least favorite holiday. Every year my opposition for the holiday grows even more, not only because I tend to find myself on the single end of the spectrum, but I am strong believer that you should show the people you care about that love them EVERY DAY. I really don’t think there needs to be a national publicized holiday just to remind people to appreciate love. Love is around us everyday. For some of us it’s a lot harder to fall in love than others, however. And it’s particularly irritating dealing with a day for lovers when you are alone.

That being said, in the spirit of V Day, I’m dedicating this entry to the greatest love of my life. The only love that has taken the time and patience to know me, understand me, and be there for me through the good and bad times, especially the good times. That piece of my heart goes to music. It’s one of the only things that makes sense in my life, and it’s what wakes me up in the morning and gets me through every day (seriously, my alarm clock is set to music). There is a song for every moment of your life, every emotion, every tear, every smile. Music is there even when the people and circumstances of your life let you down, when no one else understands, and when it seems like the whole world is against you. At least it is for me.

So here’s to a strong and faithful 20 year relationship with music. Maybe one of these Valentine’s Days I will have reason to celebrate the day with some special.

For that person, I leave this song:


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