Concert Reviews: Ben Kweller/Prizzy Prizzy Please

Okay, so it’s 4 AM and I’m still wired (maybe from the root beer and Jimmy John’s I just ate??). So I’m just going to post about tonight’s (technically last night’s) festivities.
I started out the evening at the beautiful Buskirk-Chumley Theatre where IU’s student programming committee, Union Board, brought Ben Kweller with The Watson Twins opening the show. I got there just in time to catch most of The Watson Twins set. They were pleasant to listen to, started out the night with a Bill Withers cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which definitely gained them major points in my book. But overall, their set was okay. They had sang and played guitar, tambourine, and harmonica at times, but a lot of their songs were lagging and not very upbeat for and opening act.

I took a break to head over to the Blu Boy Cafe, where I tried their vanilla cheesecake, it was good. Then I took a phone call in the lobby, and nearly froze when Ben Kweller and his crew walked right passed me. It was AWESOME. Anyway, he got on stage with some good energy and started into his set, playing a few BK Classics, including “Family Tree”, and “Sundress”. Then he switched to the country style of Changing Horses and I must say, he does country well. I was definitely enjoying the new sound, particularly the songs, “Things I Like To Do”, and “Gypsy Rose”.


He took a moment to do some solo songs, including “Thirteen” and “On My Way” and then brought back the full band for some more classic jams. And when he broke a string mid song, he jumped back to the piano and played “Falling”, which was a favorite of a friend of mines. We had an awesome time jamming out to that one. I really wish he had played “How It Should Be (Sha Sha)”, but when he decided to grace us with an encore performance of “Penny on the Train Track”, complete with a mid song jam session with his 2-year-old son on stage, I was totally satisfied.

This isn’t footage from tonight’s show, but much like what it was like watching “Thirteen”, which is such a beautiful song:

Anyways, we stuck around after the show and got signed posters and pictures with Ben, and it was amazing. He was a really cool guy, and pretty surprised at the large crowd that came out for the show. I really hope he comes back to Bloomington soon.

Prizzy Prizzy Please Tour Kick-Off at The Statehouse

Prizzy Prizzy Please
The rest of the night was also a blast. I headed over to the Statehouse to catch Prizzy Prizzy Please and got their right on time! The Prizzies are going on tour, so this was kind of their kick-off/fundraiser night, and I had to make sure I saw my boys before they left town. Of course my partner in crime when it comes to PPP fans, Totally Michael was there, that was baller. They played a great set with quite a few new songs including my new favorites “Rocket Boots” and “Melt Melt Down”, as well as old favorites like “Dyno Police” and “Campfire Girls Weekend Party”. The crowd however, was absolutely insane. Now I have no problem with moshing and pushing around, ESPECIALLY during a Prizzy set, it’s kind of inevitable and anyone who knows me, knows I’m one of the few girls willing join in; but tonight was madness.

There were a few kids who were just way too into it, and a lot of people ended up just getting squashed spent most of the set falling over one another. I saw a nosebleed breakout, and then some crowd surfing. Now, normally I wouldn’t have an issue with crowd-surfing, but we were in a cramped basement where the sealing was barely even 7 ft. Needless to say, people were getting kicked in the head.

Anyway, issues with drums and Scott being sick forced the band to have to cancel their set early, but that didn’t seem to upset the audience. They were so rowdy, it didn’t even matter that the band didn’t play the classic “Too Many T-shirts”, about six sweaty guys decided to just rip theirs off anyway.

Overall, I’d say this was a good night.


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