husband&wife on Indieana Unsigned

As many of you know I host a weekly radio show on IU’s student station WIUX. My show is called Indieana Unsigned, and every Monday at 7pm, it features music by local and regional artists.

This past week, to get ready for the release of husband&wife‘s Dark Dark Woods, Tim Felton and Will Rose stopped by the show as guest DJs and we played through their past albums and debuted THREE tracks from the upcoming (now available) album.

Photo by David Ray
Photo by David Ray

A friend of mine stopped by to take some photos of the show, you can check them out as well as his blog post on it here.

Here’s a list of the songs we went through for the show:

1. “battlecab dramatica” – from the 2007 husband&wife/Away With Vega 7″ split

2. “Chemistry Class” – from the 2004 self-titled album, the first full-length, husband&wife

3. “did i not tell you” – from the 2006 album, operation:surgery

4. “supersize me” – from operation:surgery

5. “the direction we never went”- from operation:surgery

6. “(x) fingered handshake” – from the 2007 tour ep

7. “england lives” – from the 2009 full-length, Dark Dark Woods

7. “mulberry squeezins” – from Dark Dark Woods

8. “i got fat” – from Dark Dark Woods

*Find info on all of husband&wife’s past albums at their website


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