Alela Diane

Now I’ve been raving about this woman for a year, but it seems like the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up. I saw Alela Diane play a show in Bloomington in November of 2007 at the John Waldron Arts Center. I remember this particular show because it was also the first Bloomington appearance of what would soon become Dave Davison’s Cast Spells.

Alela Diane took the floor accompanied by only her guitar and the voice of a friend, and just mesmerized the room with the rustic charm of her music. It was like being transported back to another time, and another setting. The Nevada City, California native plays folk songs rich with vivid imagery; you suddenly find yourself thinking of creeks, woods, and wide-open prairies. Her soft but thick voice brings an almost melancholy, matter-of-fact tone to the lyrics and her western influenced finger-picking style of guitar playing enhances the rustic, old fashioned style of her music.

Her new album To Be Still is finally out on Rough Trade, and I highly recommend you try her out. The first single is “White As Diamonds” which happens to be my favorite track, so I’m already psyched for what the rest of the album sounds like.

More on Alela Diane:
Fargo Records Artist Site (Stream the new album!!)
Alela Diane’s Blog

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