Look who’s loving Totally Michael

Totally Michael in his standard "I'm Tight Like Spandex" Tee. Photo by Jeremy Hogan.

CMJ just posted “Totally Michael Totally Tours, Totally”, about Bloomington’s own Totally Michael and his March tour which kicked off yesterday. Track him down when he’s in or near your town, because I promise you it’s a party you won’t want to miss.

Totally Michael means fun, dancing, smiles, and just an all-around good time. His songs are about enjoying life, keeping it positive, and making the most out of situations. Don’t be fooled by the electro-popness and cute choruses. Read between the lines and a clever, yet entertaining story unfolds, especially in tunes like “Winona” dedicated to a certain celebrity we all know.

tmcoverAnyway, I could gush about Totally Michael’s music for hours or I could just tell you it straight: CHECK HIM OUT, GET HIS STUFF, AND SEE HIM LIVE! It’s a great experience, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s totally worth it. Totally Michael’s music is a chance to just let loose and live. If you start out with his newest release, 2008’s self-titled Totally Michael, you are gold. My favorite track is “Slow Jam”, but I highly recommend “Summertime”, “Prom Night”, “Don’t Stop”, and the oh-so-catchy “Casual Satisfaction”.

totally_michael-for_youOn a blast-from-the-past whim, those looking for a little classic T.M. should seek out his past e.p.(s): For You (2007) and Boo-yah! (demo) (2006). Both share the classic “Cheerleaders Vs. Drillteam”, as well as past versions of jams like “Shake Your Booty Or Die!”, “Birthday Song”. For those looking for some real old school Totally Michael, I definitely recommend Boo-yah for tunes like “Live For Happiness” (my favorite) and “The Balloon Song”. To me, these early jams that capture the true essence of what Totally Michael is all about: fun and caring about the people around you.

Check out most of Totally Michael’s tunes on MySpace and Last.fm


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