New Good Luck Tune Captured!

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve been enjoying life. I’ve been on Spring Break this week and it’s been AWESOME. I love finally having time to relax, read, and just do a lot of nothing. But come next week, it’s back to college, back to deadlines, and back to studying…err..cramming?

ANYWAY, I’m popping in tonight just to post this vid I just came across of my darlings Good Luck performing a new song at the Harvest of Hope fest in Florida. I absolutely love this band. Their music and their energy is killer, and they are some of the nicest band members you can ever hang with.

Mike Harpring, Matt Tobey, and Ginger Alford of Good Luck
Mike Harpring, Matt Tobey, and Ginger Alford of Good Luck

The new song is called “Novel Figure”, and this is a live recording so of course it’s not perfect in regards to audio/visual quality, but it does give you a taste of their energy and excitement on stage, so please put all sound snobbery aside, and just enjoy the music. PLUS: One of my faves “Stars Were Exploding” follows the new song!! Baller.

I stand by my opinion that this band sounds like summer fun at an amusement park.

More Good Luck? Check out their Space


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