Found Objects Is Art

Found Objects at Cherry Canary
Found Objects at Cherry Canary in 2007

I want to take some time to introduce you to some friends of mine. They are Patrick McMinn and Dan Morris, and together they make up an amazing band called Found Objects.

This is a band that I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow since their very first public performance in early 2007, and I have to say that I am so excited for the progress they have made and for what the future holds for them. As far as describing their music, words that come to mind are experimental, electronic, ambient, and beautiful. They really do a great job of creating art through their music and letting a simple theme grow into a large portrait of expression through sound.

Photo by Jenna Berris
Found Objects at the Indiana Memorial Union in 2008. Photo by Jenna Berris

I still remember the first time I saw them perform. It was at a Live From Bloomington NOISE show in the student union at IU, and they were nervous about performing and how the crowd would receive them. After watching I could understand why, because I was one of the many who was just as interested, yet somewhat confused by what had just taken place on the stage. It was a live music experience different from what I was used to. They fed most to their music into their laptops, and accompanied the prerecorded electronic-based tracks with live guitars and drums. They had vocals sometimes, but they weren’t really understandable, and it was unclear whether they were supposed to be the focus of the songs or not. And their body language, was just everywhere. I mean these boys were so into the music, it was like they were in this class box where we could see and hear them, but for them it was like we weren’t even there because they were so absorbed in what was happening in the music. It was strange, yet I was curious for more.

Patrick McMinn at Cherry Canary in 2007

I kept going to more of their shows, which increasingly got better and better. Since they looped their tracks together, their sets were a continuous flow of music, absorbing the audiences attention from the first note played to they grand finale when Morris would attack the drums, and McMinn would literally attack his guitar, turning it upright and jamming it against the ground. Found Objects was exciting and interesting; their music was intriguing and all together it was just a magnifying live musical experience.

I remember talking with McMinn about the popularity the band was receiving, and he had mentioned that it was somewhat surprising considering the non-traditional style of their music. He said “It’s not like we really even have WORDS to our songs, I mean, we do but they aren’t really the main focus, and let’s face it nobody really understands what we are saying anyway. But I really just like music, I like sounds and what you can do with them.” And that’s when it all made perfect sense to me. That was the moment of clarity when I could finally grasp what it was that was so special about this band. It was about putting sounds together and creating something great. And I know that is technically what all music does, but anyone who has been to a Found Objects performance can tell you that it literally feels like the band is just throwing paint on a canvas, and as they play those colors are shifting into this masterpiece of art.

Dan Morris at The Clinic in 2009. Photo by David Ray
Dan Morris at The Clinic in 2009. Photo by David Ray

Found Objects has one official album release to their name, which is 2007’s Habit Down The Day EP. The EP is approximately 30 minutes long featuring five well-crafted songs with three of them over 7 minutes in length. The EP sold out in a matter of weeks and is still currently out of print, however the tracks have recently been made available for download on Since them, the band has made their newer recordings available on their MySpace, including a remix of “The Urban Song” which was literally created over the powers of internet while one of the members was studying abroad. Two tracks from the upcoming EP, Sails, have been made available on the band’s MySpace and pages.

“All the Kids” live at The Lodge in Bloomington (2008)

Anyone involved in the Bloomington scene knows that Found Objects is definitely a band to watch. They will be performing at this year’s WIUX Culture Shock Music Festival, which will be a great opportunity for them to play with some great bands and widen their fan base. If you can come, IT’S FREE, so you should definitely make it out. For Btown-ers the band is playing THIS THURSDAY (April 2), making their 3rd appearance at Live From Bloomington’s NOISE series. The show is free and at 8pm.

Otherwise, keep an eye on this band. I promise if you give them a chance you will experience something truly unique and captivating.

Found Objects by Jenna Berris
Found Objects by Jenna Berris

For More on Found Objects: MySpace,

First-Time Listener Recommendations:
“Living Moves”
“All The Kids”
“The Ebb Begins From Dream”

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