Where Have I Been?

I know I’m quite behind on posts, but with Culture Shock and the end of the semester it’s been and will continue to be a busy few weeks. But rest assured, I AM working on some great stuff for you. I should have a review of Alexander the Great’s Faces Change by the end of the week, as well as a posting of my recent radio show with Found Objects.

In the meantime, I did find something I’d really love to share. It’s one of the artists I have been studying in my History Of Blues class, Elizabeth Cotten. Now if you have heard of this woman, you know how worthy she is of respect and a good listen. If you haven’t prepare to be amazed and fall in love with a truly talented blueswoman.

Elizabeth Cotten was BORN in 1895 so when you watch this video, take into account how old she must have been, and how well she plays. She was actually discovered when she had been working for years as a housekeeper for the Seeger Family (think Pete Seeger). She’d been writing songs since childhood, and even more remarkable, she’d been performing them left-handed on her guitar. But don’t be quick to judge, because I can almost guarantee you that you haven’t seen anyone play quite like this. She (a) flipped a normal guitar upside-down, (b) didn’t change the strings, and (c) strummed the MELODY with her THUMB. Most lefties I know who just flip the guitar over at least change the reverse the strings. She also only uses her thumb and index finger. Seriously, this woman was amazing. Watch and you will love her.

Speaking of other great women who can rock a guitar, I LOVE the guitar solo in this vid of Sister Rosetta Tharpe:


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