Metavari + Crossroads of America Records = Good Surprise

Hey everyone, I know posts have been less often, even though I have more free time than ever right now. But for once I’m actually enjoying my time off and taking a break from a lot of things. I miss being in Bloomington, but I am actually enjoying being home for the most part. That being said, this post is way overdue.

So one of my favorite hometown bands has signed with another one of Bloomington’s great label’s Crossroads of America Records (XRA). Metavari is a band from Fort Wayne, Indiana that is highly effective in driving curiosity with their electronic-inspired ambient style. Although they have downsized from the picture above, the band consists of keyboards, some guitar, bass, and drums. There are no lyrics, just music, and for this band, I think that’s definitely more than enough. Perhaps an extra “instrument” to incorporate into the mix is their use of visual aids. The band always performs with a screen and projector showing some thought provoking scenarios; everything from building motion devices to cars speeding down busy streets, and sometimes even documentaries.

I have had the pleasure of following this band ever since I happened to stumble upon their first show in Fort Wayne. It was at the main library downtown, and coincidentally with Rodeo Ruby Love, whom I just saw them perform with again this week. They were really great that night, but have made a lot of positive growth since then. XRA is smart in pursuing this band to add to their already rich roster with Midwest bands like husband&wife, Chemic, and Rodeo Ruby Love. I expect great things from Metavari, starting with their next release Be One Of Us and Hear No Noise, due at the end of the summer.

Metavari Website
Metavari on MySpace
Metavari on
Crossroads of America Records


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