A True Gift

Do you have songs in your life that just mean so much, you wish everyone saw their beauty the way you do? Or maybe songs that can move you to tears, or just seem like such perfect works of art, you can’t believe they exist, or that a songwriter could write such powerful words.

For me one of those songs is “Wishlist” by Pearl Jam, which appears on both Yield and Rearviewmirror. Now I had been a fan of the band for a while before I heard this song, first hearing more of their grungy mainstream hits like “Evenflow”, “Jeremy”, and “Dissident”, but when I got the this song and really heard the words it caught me by surprise. This song can literally move me to tears if the situation is right, and it is because it is such a beautiful look at the world and at the inner person. I was already in love with Eddie Vedder’s voice mainly due to the power behind it and his ability to portray so much emotion in that dark, tortured tone of his, but I was truly in awe to his deep compassionate songwriting after hearing this tune.

Please take the time to not only give it a listen, but also read the lyrics to yourself as you do.


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