Found Objects, Chemic, husband&wife, Metavari @ the Pint & Slice

The past couple of days have been pretty awesome. The weather has been nice. I went on a decent bike ride, and I got to see some of my friends from Bloomington.

This past Sunday I saw two great shows in one day. Chemic, from Louisville, KY, stopped by the Wooden Nickel for an in-store performance that was wonderful. Unfortunately due to a last minute change in time, the show was sparsely attended, but the band still put on a great show. Scott Kirkpatrick as a refreshingly soothing voice that carries you away through their folksy tunes. Here’s some videos from their show, you can find more here.

Anyway, after the 3 PM show, the band packed up and headed further into downtown for another show at the 816 Pint & Slice, featuring my boys Found Objects, Chemic (again!), my loves husband&wife, and the latest edition to the Crossroads of America label, Metavari. It was really exciting for me because I always get very homesick for Bloomington (when I come home to Fort Wayne?), and it gives me an extra boost to get to see and hang with people from there.

It was my first time at the 816 Pint & Slice, and it’s a really cool place on Calhoun St. When you walk in it seems like a typical pizzeria. They sell pizzas by the slice and have cute little tables with checkered tablecloths. However if you head to the back past the desk, you meet a stairwell that heads upstairs to a large narrow room with more tables and an space perfect for performances. There are huge long windows for the light to pour in over the bands, and since they close everyday at 8:16 PM, the sun is definitely out while the bands play. The show started around 5:20ish which all of us had to admit was pretty early.

I found that the Chemic gang hand beat me getting there as they were already settled and testing out the pizza when I arrived. My first task was to receive one of Bryant Fox’s heartfelt bear-hugs, which felt great after not seeing him for over a month. The next task was surprising Patrick and Dan (Found Objects), which became easy when they I walked upstairs as they were setting up. I didn’t tell them I was coming to the show, and most of my Bloomington friends forget that my non-school home is Fort Wayne. It was really great to see them, especially seeing them able to perform with such a great lineup of bands. I love the tension in the room while they sound check. Most people are not prepared for the band’s volume, which is always LOUD, so a few get frightened just in those few minutes. As the sound guy yelled out “How’s the volume?”, many hushed whispers claimed “that’s really loud“; Patrick just looked back and said “Oh man that’s perfect!” It’s those who tough it out to hear them for the first time that I commend. As mentioned here, a first time Found Objects performance can be an interesting experience. Anyway, Bfox and I were prepared with our earplugs and took out spots in the front. The boys put on an excellent set, I’m no photographer, but I decided to take a few pics:

summer 026

summer 020

summer 008

summer 024

4 squareNext up was Chemic, who once again played a great set. They had a lot more room to move around here than crouched between album bins at the store so the songs breathed a lot more and had a less controlled sense. Prior to their set however, the real fun began as Will Rose of husband&wife decided it was time for some four-square in the parking lot. As bands were transitioning and loading in/out, he grabbed some chalk from his van and set up the playing ground.

summer 034

Next up, husband&wife rocked their set in that perfect husband&wife way playing tracks off of the latest release Dark Dark Woods such as “Red Cross Fever”, “Comp Jam”, and my new favorite “England Lives”. They even went old school and played “Don’t Change” from the 2006’s operation:surgery.
summer 036
summer 037

Metavari hit the stage last and played a quick set of about 5 songs off of their up-and-coming release Be One Of Us and Hear No Noise. Even though it was still daytime when the performed, all the lights were turned off and they projected their complementing film clips on the closed window blinds.

Found Objects Bike Tee
Found Objects "Bike" Tee

All in all in was a great show with great friends that I definitely won’t forget. I even got a copy of the new Found Objects EP Sails and a Found Objects tee. For those who haven’t checked out Sails yet, move fast, after a lengthy tour, the band is almost out!! It features new favorites like “All The Kids” and “Voiles”, plus some long, creative, instrumental tracks that really showcase the band’s imagination.

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