HipsterSpinster’s Aussie Recommendations

Not all my time in Australia was spent working, during the downtime I had some time to give a listen to some Aussie music, and you know, they’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on. So I wanted to give you my recommendations for expanding your music collection. Here’s what I found the Outback to offer.

1. Josh Pyke – Check out the past post for info about this singer-songwriter. I really dig his style and I think you will too.

2. Cloud Control – Also check out a past post for this fun Sydney band. It only took one song for me to know these guys were what’s up. As fun as their music is to listen too, it’s even more fun live, and they are super nice in person. Go fall in love with this band.

Cloud Control, photo by Kate Griffin
Cloud Control, photo by Kate Griffin

3. Youth Group – Apparently this group hit America around 2003, and gained a lot of momentum in 2005 when their cover of “Forever Young” was featured on The O.C…I missed that. But now I’m fully in support of this band.

4. Sarah Blasko – Her voice is like a cross between Dido and Feist. She’s won 7 ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards since 2003 including “Best Female Artist” and “Album of the Year”, and has a unique musical style to complement her unique voice.

5. Snob Scrilla – I’ve only heard one song, but I’m absolutely hooked to this California-born Aussie musician. Sean Ray has got serious style.

6. ASTREETLIGHTSONG – If you like Muse, you will probably like this band, because they like Muse, and they bring some unique electronic-inspired rock and energy to any stage they conquer. Unfortunately you just missed the chance to see them acoustically in the States, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be making their way back here soon.


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  1. Love Josh Pyke, SnobScrilla (will see him at the end of October for the Fat as Butter festival in Newcastle) and Sarah Blasko. Are you going to go to Homebake? All Australian music in a festival in the middle of Sydney


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