Album Review: Quick Said the Bird “The Advocate”

Photo By Levi Ely
Photo By Levi Ely

I’ve been back in Btown for a week now and I’m slowly getting back into the scene, attending shows and catching up with my bands. Last week I had the pleasure of checking out a new band, Columbus, Indiana based Quick Said the Bird. They played at Rachael’s Café on a rainy Friday night to a small but satisfied crowd with acoustic singer/songwriter Gerard Pannekoek and a new Bloomington band called Platonic.

Photo by Levi Ely
Photo by Levi Ely

Quick Said the Bird is a 5-piece indie band with sleepy, ambient tunes that awaken your emotions. Members are Nick Morrow (guitar, vocals), Melissa Morrow (cello), Rachel Bell (violin), Kyle Battin (guitar, mandolin), and Steve Riche (piano, accordion, percussion, uke, jack-of-all-trades). They make a beautiful combination of expressive sounds and music.

If you’re looking for music to help you relax, mellow out, and just clear your head, Quick Said the Bird is the band for you. Their intimate, whispering tunes drift into your consciousness and open your mind. I recently got my hands on their latest EP, The Advocate and I must say they have some impressive things going for them. I’d like to see more of this band in Bloomington.

The five-song EP is a great introduction to the band’s style. Although the recordings are good, it does not do justice to seeing the band live. There are much more instruments involved and you can really connect to the band’s emotional sense. The EP opens with the melodic “Piano Bench”. The track sweeps you away as it introduces you to Morrow’s soul-baring voice and the melancholy sense of the band. The lyrics speak to a lot of identity/soul searching situations such as “Take back all your own, the forgotten ones and the shaken souls“, my favorite was “Know your children still have goals, even when the progression’s slow“. For such a somber song I was pleasantly surprised to hear “Prove that you love Rock and Roll, that it rattles your head and it shakes your soul“. It’s a great intro song for the EP.

Another emotion felt track is “The Infamous Mrs. Stone and Mr. Ford”. This slow driving, dark toned track features a haunting Morrow on vocals that reach up to some impressively high ranges.

My favorite track on the album in “Palms Down/Breathe In…Palms Up/Breathe Out” which is a dreamer track full of beautiful whispers. It starts out with a simple guitar rhythm and then a cascading chorus of whispers “And now it’s falling….” and continues to build, adding in piano, cello, and violin. It’s a really nice track that can easily get stuck in your head.

The fourth track on the EP “(The Spirit Will Follow Me Wherever I Go, As Long As I Promise to Stay)” is another track the whisks you away as it plays in the background. Featuring a Latin-like rhythm and whispered vocals it easily relaxes the senses and can drift you to a pleasant day dream.

The title track to the EP, is the fifth track, “The Advocate” which is a curious four-minute instrumental track. The chiming pulse of the song gives it a sense of moving progressing through time.

The final track “The Counselor, The Comforter, The Ghost”, is also an instrumental piece that features musical bits from “Palms Down” and is an appropriate finish for the album.

Photo by Levi Ely
Photo by Levi Ely

Overall, I enjoyed this EP as an introduction to a talented group of musicians. I’d like to see more of this band and see where they take their music next.

Quick Said the Bird on MySpace
Quick Said the Bird on Facebook


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