Oh, for the love of Concerts

I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend two great large concerts. Being heavy in the local scene, most of the shows I attend are in small venues, coffee shops, or people’s basements, so it’s nice every now and then to treat yourself to something bigger and louder and experience live music on a whole other level. It reminds you why you love music and why some of those big name artists are STILL so important to you.

Well, after the past two weeks I have no complaints. I got to re-live my 13-year-old angsty glory at the Verizon Wireless Center in Noblesville with my favorite pop-punkers, blink-182, and let me tell you, IT WAS AWESOME. Between the “inappropriate jokes”, crazy lighting effects, and intense rocking out, the show was absolutely amazing. It’s so great to see your favorite band pull things back together after a break-up and deliver. It’s like all of us, the band included were remembering how good that music felt and why we need(ed) it so badly. Tom and Mark kept the crowd pumped with delightful commentary. Mark promised he was there to personally make musical love to every member of the audience, and Tom pointed out the shirt villain of Indiana:

Dude [to a random shirtless guy in the audience] I think somebody stole your shirt!! Who stole this guy’s shirt?? And that guy over their too! Must be a shirt thief, probably the same guy who stole Travis’s shirt. What a pervert, you Indiana apple pervert!

The commentary carried on through the show, and the music was more energetic than ever as the guys waded through the classics like “What’s My Age Again?”, “Going Away to College”, and “First Date”.

I’d have to say the highlight of the show would have to be Travis Barker’s drum solo. I mean, the man started banging his drums, and suddenly the platform LIFTED!! He [while playing non-stop through his solo] was hoisted about half the height of the stage and moved horizontally from side to side. Then they stopped the platform in middle to the stage, tilted in 90 degrees toward the audience, and spun it around like a record, all this WHILE TRAVIS WAS STILL PLAYING! It was unbelievable, and just when we thought we’d seen all we could, the boys came back out full fledge and played “Carousel”, “Josie”, and “Dammit”. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Nothing beats seeing your favorite band live.

back to town 043
blink-182 @ Verizon Wireless Center (Noblesville), August 20, 2009
Most AMAZING drum solo EVER!
Most AMAZING drum solo EVER!

back to town 081

The next concert was last nite’s IU appearance of hip-hop rockers N*E*R*D*. What a show. So much energy, the live band was AMAZING, and I was in the front row, best seat in the house (though I spent the whole show directly in front of the stage jumping so hard the floor was bouncing). I was so close to Pharrell Williams and Shay that I could touch them. After the show I got to meet the band, hugged Pharrell twice, and thought I would die. One of the most high energy shows I have ever seen, I recommend EVERYONE catch this band on tour. There were TWO drumsets on stage keeping us moving.

N.E.R.D. at IU Auditorium
N.E.R.D. at IU Auditorium, Augsut 29, 2009
back to town 100
N.E.R.D. at IU Auditorium, Augsut 29, 2009

Smiling for the rest of my life,


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