Updates and Matt & Kim!

First off, I’d like to apologize for my extended delay in posting. School and life have been getting the best of me, but it hasn’t stopped me from being inspired. Since being back in Bloomington I’ve seen so many great shows, getting back into the swing of things here is always exciting.

I’d also like to introduce you to an upcoming project of mine. A friend of mine (Midwest bloggers may know him as Flick) and I are starting a Bloomington community music blog called Sound In Bloom. So keep a lookout for that to go live with content in October. If you are interested in writing, taking pictures, or even making up logo for us, please send a message to either of us at nicole@soundinbloom.com or flick@soundinbloom.com. You can also catch us on the air for our Sound In Bloom radio show on IU’s student radio station WIUX. Tune in Tuesdays at 7pm on 99.1FM or stream the show online at WIUX.org.

In other events great, I’ve been spending money that I shouldn’t be at Landlocked this month and picked up a Landlocked tee (finally!), The Blow Paper Television, and Matt & Kim Grand. So far I am not disappointed with either buy, but man, let me tell you that Grand is a wonderful step up for a band that I love to love. The first time I heard of Matt & Kim was about two years ago. They were heading to Bloomington for a show at Rhino’s and my friend sent me a YouTube clip of them performing “Yea Yeah” at SXSW. I knew in 15 seconds of watching that I HAD to see this band, and so I went, and they were awesome, super fun, and super nice. I’ve been a fan ever since.

The release of Grand is exciting for any fan, as it really demonstrates the best parts about the band. Simple lyric style, booming drums and fun keyboard melodies, and tunes that just make you want to bounce. I also really love that they recorded it in Matt’s childhood home. Way to stick it to the man and just go with what you feel is comfortable. Well, the album sounds awesome. Some of my favorites are of course singles “Daylight” and “Lessons Learned”, but also “Turn This Boat Around”, “Don’t Go Slow”, and “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” really get me in a great mood. Really, every song is a gem, and the jam session they allow us with “Cinders” is a much appreciated move.

And if you didn’t catch the video for “Lessons Learned” get caught up. It totally deserved all it’s attention and the MTV VMA for “Breakthrough Video”!


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