Writing what I’m missing

So tonight I missed a pretty great show in Bloomington: The Subjects, Bad Veins, and Smedley Jergins. But in order make it out to see Nurses and husband&wife tomorrow night, sacrifices had to be made. I’ve seen the Subjects before, the last time they came to Bloomington in the Spring, so I’m not too disappointed, however I am a little heartbroken about missing the lovely and always entertaining Smedley Jergins. So instead of being bummed, I decided to write about why I enjoy the band so much!

Smedley Jergins is a project started by the mastermind known as David Woodruff who I’ve mentioned in past entries for his many duties as frontman for the Delicious and stellar album artwork extraordinaire. Woodruff started creating and recording little ditties in his spare time and performing them every now and then around town. Now that the Delicious are on pause for the moment, he’s been taking more opportunities to perform, and I think it’s a bold move. His songs are great, little folksy-pop tunes made up of split vocal harmonies and guitar accompaniment.

Live performances often include Woodruff on vocals and guitar accompanied by the always entertaining and harmonizing Rogers Brothers (Addison and Lewis of Busman’s Holiday). Lewis lends his talents on guitar (and sometimes piano) and both brothers provide additional vocals as well.

Smedley Jergins is a great band to sit back and just enjoy, particularly on a sunny day while sipping iced tea.

Smedley Jergins on MySpace


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