Cast Spells/Good Old War Split

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While I continue to wait and wait and wait for the day Maps&Atlases makes a full-length album, I am really enjoying the tunes Dave Davison is cranking out in his folksy escape as Cast Spells. Last week Cast Spells released two new tracks on a split EP with Sargent House label mates Good Old War, and let me tell you, it is beautiful stuff. The two tracks “All Brass” and “Letters” are both slower Cast Spells tunes, and offer a deeper look into what this artist can really do.

“All Brass” is a slow-driving rocker with some great percussive stops in the rhythm and an intriguing mix of bitter and bold chords. The track branches into colorful bridge section with lighter drums, harmonica, and traveling guitar lines, and then settles to a fading hum. A great track to get in your car and drive to.

While you are cruising the highway in the fade off of “All Brass”, the softer, acoustic-driven “Letters” begins and really takes your musical ear for a journey. It’s a beautiful, vulnerable track with a simple but strong chorus “These are letters to you”. It’s the perfect song to let go, open your mind, and just take in. The track does an excellent job in highlighting Davison’s talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist.

This was my first real introduction to Good Old War, and I must say, they’ve got some great qualities that leave me curious for more. The vocal harmonies are particularly attractive, but what really gets me is their blend of rock, blues, and country in their music. Plus, I’m a sucker for accordions. When you finish with Cast Spells, be sure to finish out the EP with Good Old War’s “Breaking Down” and “Texas Blues”.

Catch both bands on tour together now through the end of December.

Cast Spells Website
Cast Spells on MySpace
Good Old War Website
Good Old War on MySpace
Sargent House


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