Album Review: Jemina Pearl “Break It Up”

I’m not one to give negative reviews, but as I kept searching for something inspired from this album, I found it to be severely lacking.

As a Be Your Own Pet fan, I was definitely bummed to hear that the band was breaking up post 2008’s Get Awkward!. It was a great album to follow up their self-titled 2006 release, full of angst and teenage fun. I was ready to see what their next step would be, unfortunately it was in different directions. Their only saving grace of holding my attention was hearing that frontlady Jemina Pearl would completing a solo album.

Well if you were expecting much…don’t

I found myself struggling to get through this album. Eventually, I just turned the stereo off altogether. I’d hoped that in the process of moving on, this album would showcase Pearl in a more mature, maybe event deeper light; show us what she was really made of. But after the soupy, poppy, and sometimes dance tracks, Break It Up sounds like Pearl should have stayed 15 and stayed with the band. The lyrics are nothing special, and the energy is low. I’m not even going to comment on the fact that Thurston Moore and Iggy Pop are among guest contributors, because it doesn’t seem fair. I could see this album as being released before both BYOP albums. It’s not even to knock that it’s a total pop album, I just expected something with a little more meat from a 22-year-old.

Instead of challenging herself to take the next step up, it seems Pearl has opted for getting in the elevator and moving sideways.

Jemina Pearl Website
Jemina Pearl on MySpace


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