Best Music Videos of 2009

Being that MTV has pretty much done away with music videos (at least during the waking hours), and YouTube has filled the need for access to them, I really didn’t watch a lot of music videos last year. However, of those I did catch, here are the ones that made an impression.

[1]Matt & Kim: “Lessons Learned”

What’s not to love about this? Matt&Kim bare it all in the streets of New York, passerbys stare and gawk – confused as all get out, and the fuzz shows up to beat down the perpetrators. Eye-catching, entertaining, memorable, AND a great song. That is the recipe for success in music videos, and Matt&Kim nailed it with “Lessons Learned”. Well-deserving of Breakthrough Video status.

[2] Grizzly Bear: “Two Weeks”

Here is another video from which I couldn’t forget the video nor the song. Beautiful harmonies in the vocals, and crazy images and effects going on the the faces. Everything moved so slow, yet it was just a perfect way to round out the pulsing beat of the song. You just have to stop, stare, and listen until the video finishes. For bonus points, I’d love to see the outtakes of the video.

[3] Lady GaGa: “Bad Romance”

This video is the essence of Lady GaGa: Pop, Art, Fashion, Sex, Attitude, and Drama. I love everything about this video, it makes me want to jump up and dance, and laugh at all the subtle items of the cultured high life featured in every little corner. And that green outfit with the crazy shoes that makes her look like a sea monster…hands down the ugliest outfit I’ve ever scene, but she wears it so well it still looks good. Plus, the man always looses in Lady GaGa videos. What’s up with that? I am officially hypnotized by Lady GaGa.

[4] Lady GaGa: “Paparazzi”

This is the first video that turned my head to the television thinking, “Okay, WHO is this Lady GaGa and WHY is everyone so crazy about her??” I saw a clip of this on a commercial; it was the second chorus section where Lady GaGa and her dancers are wearing the crazy leotards and ‘dancing’. I thought the outfits looked just odd enough to be fashionable, and the song was not bad for pop. I’d seen “Poker Face”, but just sort of wrote it off, but this video made me think that maybe there was something more to this artist. Now I am GaGa crazy and I see no turning back in the future.

[5] Snob Scrilla: “Heartbreak Scorsese”

I caught this video while I was in Australia, checking out the artist. He’s from the US, but decided Oz was going to be his new home, and after visiting there, I can’t blame him. I really loved the song, but what made this video stick was the clear picture, bright colors, and use of live footage. Plus models burn up a stuffed monkey at the end.


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