Peter Gabriel covers Bon Iver’s “Flume”

Back to school means more time spent writing papers, completing assignments, and reading. Also, it means less time for posting, put more time to listen to new music while getting things done.

This week my attention is wrapped up in this cover of Bon Iver‘s “Flume” by Peter Gabriel for his latest release, a covers album titled Scratch My Back. Caught the track from the folks at Jagjaguwar who featured it up for download on their blog, and it’s definitely worth a listen for fans of both musicians. I love the original song, but this version is nearly just as captivating in a completely different way. I really love Gabriel’s use of piano and horns to really stretch out the musical accompaniment. It gives the vocals a powerful emotional quality, particularly during the horn swells that extend behind the chorus. The horns are so subtle and never overpower, yet add so much strength to the track at the same time. It’s a great cover and I’m glad to see such a well-known artist appreciating and respecting a great song.

Download the track here.

While it’s on your mind:

and for that other lingering pleasure…


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