Still alive, still inspired.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to say that I don’t have anything to write about, when I’m still going to shows at least twice a week. The issue is there is so much going on in the scene plus my real world life of work and school, which leaves little time to write. But today I’m taking a stand.

I went to a house show last night, something I’ve done a lot less of lately. A lot of houses are sprouting up to host shows these days, and for the first time I’m starting to feel old hearing about them. Lots of them are run by hopeful sophomores who have just gotten their first off-campus place, and filling them with young bands that I just haven’t really taken enough time to get to know. But let’s just face it, I miss The Statehouse, and nothing comes close to the amazing house shows that were had there, and now that I’m getting older, the excitement is dying down. Sad Face.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Last night’s show was actually a lot of fun. A great lineup, energetic crowd, and just a great night of music. The night started out with my good friends in Redbird playing a full band set, something we haven’t seen much of in the past year, complete with new songs and really tight execution. The band was really on their game, and it was one of the best Redbird sets I’ve seen in a long time. I tried to record some of the new songs, but the basement was dark, my camera sucks, and the battery was low, so instead I’m borrowing a video a friend made at a recent Bushman-only Redbird performance so you can get excited about what’s to come for this band.

The next set was by Prayer Breakfast, and I know I’ve ragged on them lately for not playing new songs, but man, the truth is I still love that band, and I love those old songs, and I never tire of hearing them. Last night was a refresher and a really fun night. The crowd was way into it, and within a few songs Dixon broke a guitar string, borrowing Bushman’s. Rest assured, the slight delay did not stop Dixon from any of his crowd pleasing antics of kicking, guitar swinging, and witty commentary. Plenty of jokes were made, group chants were started, and I think the whole party would have been down for running to Jake’s tonight watch the Winter Olympics with “The Situation”.

mike dixon of prayer breakfast
Mike Dixon of Prayer Breakfast @ the Goliad (2/19/2010)
mike adams
Mike Adams of Prayer Breakfast

It wouldn’t be right not to mention Strictly Off the Record, who finished the night, as it was their CD Release show. They put on a good set that was a rather quick play-through of what to expect on the new release. But they had energy to burn, smiles all around, and for the first time it was requested that the fiddle be turned down a bit; usually we can barely hear Caitlyn, but last night she was nearly leading the band. I hope to find time to sit down with their album.

And that, short and sweet, is what I’ve been thinking about lately.


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