SB 2010 Update

A lot has been happening here in Bloomington. Last week was the first Pit Stop Music Marathon blew through town like a tornado, bringing us up to two amazing shows a night, show-hopping between The Bishop and The Vid. I didn’t get to go to them all, but in this lightning-fast communicative world of Facebook and Twitter updates (and occasionally that old-fashioned word of mouth), all of the shows were filled with great music and fun.

I caught the Friday evening (the show STARTED @ 11) show of husband&wife, Metavari, and Rodeo Ruby Love at the Bishop, and it was a great time. I’d also seen the exact same bands the night before at The Vollrath in Indy on a whimsical Spring Break kick-off road trip, but with a larger group of close friends, this show was even better. Rodeo declared that it “wasn’t a party until everyone was naked”, to which shirts were swiped off and thrown on-stage as the crowd sang-along and danced the entire set. They played a lot of new jams as well, which were full of energy, and some ska-influence. They officially broke in their new drummer, who seems like a great fit for the band.

It was the hometown unveiling of the new husband&wife, which I am proud to say is more rockin’ than ever. They cranked out almost an entire set of new jams, all very loud, guitar heavy (Bfox had some sweet bass lines in there as well), and adrenaline-pumping. They were nice enough to even bring earplugs for the mostly unsuspecting crowd, who is usually expecting a somber set.

Click to check out the Busman's Holiday Daytrotter Session!

In other news, Bloomington homegrown band Busman’s Holiday recently recorded a live session at Daytrotter, which was posted last week! The recordings are a lively and beautiful representation of a great Bloomington band, and what many of us know as the “new” Busman’s Holiday which is composed of the Rogers Brothers and their string accompaniment companions. Click on the image above to check out the session and download the recordings.

The band is currently on tour and their accompaniment companions are Peri DeLorenzo (violin) and Mike Moynihan (clarinet, tenor sax). Check out their MySpace for tour dates and locations, and be sure to follow along with them by subscribing to their tour blog!

Here are some recent videos of the band on the road:


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