Daytrotter Session: Cast Spells

Click image to check out the Cast Spells Daytrotter Session

I am telling you, this is a GREAT week. Even though the weather is dismal today (rainy/windy/cold/gray) I’m still running on the enthusiasm of the show I saw last night at the Bishop (The Extraordinaires, the Delicious, Paul Baribeau, Hop Along). To make the day even sweeter, Daytrotter finally posted the session they recorded with Cast Spells in the fall of 2009. It’s a great session with really stripped down versions of “Pioneer Scalps”, “Potted Plant”, and “Glamorous Glowing”, and as usual, the songs feature some slight variations in instrumentation than the original EP version, making them that more special and enjoyable.

The write-up is pretty great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much imagery or descriptive language as is present in the first half of it. As with most who see Dave Davison now, the writer (Sean Moeller) was pretty captivated by his beard. It’s been growing strong since April 2009 and brings images of Grizzly Adams and any other pop culture backwoodsmen to mind. With the full head of long brown hair Davison also sports, his head is pretty much just glasses and hair these days. But otherwise, the review is pretty positive and even gives hints to listeners who may be curious about what the songs are all about, giving full attention to the lyrics of “Potted Plant”.

But anyway, it’s a great session, although I wish it had one or two more songs. Click the image above and have a listen for yourself! As usual, you can download the session tracks for free, but now the audio geeks out there can purchase Lossless files of the sessions as well.


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