One for the GaGa Haters

Last week I posted this video in the “In Love” section of the blog, which features mostly videos (music, comedy, tv shows) that I happen to be really enjoying at the moment. I just couldn’t get the cover out of my head because being a “hipster” (read: into mostly indie music and tends to ignore the  mainstream) as well as a GaGa fan (yes, they CAN co-exist) there’s nothing I love more than seeing her tooth-achey pop songs stripped down into just song. It’s where I think her talent shows as a pop songwriter and tones down all the ‘filthy, dirty, rich’ and glamorous hype that tends to cloud others from enjoying her music.

I know tons of people who are not GaGa fans; personally, I think most are taking her music far to seriously. For me there are three things that I find appealing about the Lady: the voice, the fun, and the spectacle of it all. Lady GaGa is pretty much the young Madonna of the 2000s. She has a great voice and musical talent, but chooses to force it through the telescope of glittery, glamorous pop. And the extremes of her fashion, her videos that explode with attitude, satire, and sex, and her personal crazy public image, I can see how people can overlook her as a serious musician.

To those people who have yet to see, I present you with these videos of songs that are now Lady GaGa ‘classics’, yet with a more melodic twist. It is in my hopes that after watching at least one, you will have to at least admit that a) the girl can sing and b) she is one talented pianist as well. I actually like these acoustic versions better than the originals because it shows Lady GaGa as a vocalist, a pianist, and a joker.


2 thoughts on “One for the GaGa Haters

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  1. She’s not just popular b/c she wears weird clothes! THANKS! She actually has talent (although didn’t she drop out of music school or something? well whatever, it’s working for her, clearly!) Its her music just stripped down and raw- almost like her VMA outfit(s?). hahaha.


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