Live Session: Prizzy Prizzy Please on Banana Stand Media

Prizzy Prizzy Please
Click image to stream and download the PPP Session!

April 20 is right around the corner to bring us Prizzy Prizzy Please‘s new album Chroma Cannon, and I couldn’t be more excited. I know the Prizzies are located in “Chicago” now, but they will always be a Bloomington band to me, because this is where they came together and became the amazing band that they are today. I couldn’t be more excited for the new album, and I’m way glad they’ve decided to do an extended album release party here in Bloomington on April 24 @ The Bishop.

But while you are itching with anticipation for that, feast your ears and downloading delight on this!

Prizzy Prizzy Please recently recorded a live session with Banana Stand Media in Portland, Oregon. What I love about it is that it features some of my favorite Prizzy jams that did not make the album cut for Chroma Cannon like “Let’s Go to the Zoo” and “Amazing Babe”, but also because I believe Prizzy Prizzy Please is a band that one should experience live to really feel the magic. These live recordings are an awesome opportunity for people who haven’t seen the Prizzies live to get somewhat of a taste of what that live energy is like.

With old jams like “A Thundergust of Woodpeckers”, to crowd favorites like “Dyno Police” and “Campfire Girls Weekend Party”, to new jams (already mentioned), this is a great collection of live Prizzy tracks that any fan must have. And you can, because you can download the tracks for FREE!! So just do it already.

*PS: the download also include photos from the session and a hand-written tour diary liner note by drummer Scott McNiece!

Prizzy Prizzy Please on Joyful Noise Recordings
Prizzy Prizzy Please Website
Prizzy Prizzy Please on MySpace
Prizzy Prizzy Please on Facebook


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