Good Luck Digital EP “Demonstration 2010” Available Now!

Click image to stream/purchase/download Good Luck's Demonstration 2010

It seems another Bloomington band has discovered the excitement which is BandcampGood Luck has made their latest set of recordings, Demonstration 2010, available on their Bandcamp page.  The 4-song demo can be downloaded from the site for a “suggested donation” of $3-4, but the band gives the listener the option to name their price, which means you can pay more, less, or even nothing for it.  Or if you just enjoy listening, you can stream the whole album on the site as well.  Demonstration 2010 features three new original tunes “Novel Figure”, “Contact”, and “Decider”, as well as a cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine”.

While you are there, check out some of the cool features of Bandcamp as an innovative space for bands to share and distribute their music.  The pages and urls are customizable and not only allow the band to set the price (and keep the money), but it also allows listeners to choose their preference of file type.  Also, bands can upload Metadata for the tracks including artwork, lyrics, and other album details.

Other local artists on Bandcamp: Impure Jazz, Eric Radoux, Murder by Death, The Calumet ReelThe Elegant Bachelors, Spirit SpineJenny Is a Boy

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