DM Stith: My Healthy Obsession

About two months ago I posted a video for a DM Stith song “Thanksgiving Moon” in the In Love section of this blog. A friend and I had been discussing the musician and trying to crack the mystery of his status as a “local musician”. All we knew was that we loved his music, he was signed to Asthmatic Kitty, and either had previously or still currently lived in Bloomington. I’d heard his music and even knew some people had mentioned him or knew him, but he rarely performs here, and so the obsession began.

I started poking around, checking out more of his music, his website/blog, so that when the day came, I would be ready. And so for the past few months I was sort of on this unofficial mission to find him and hopefully get him to either play a show or perform as a guest on my radio show. And then one day, I walking through campus to grab my bike; I looked up and there he was.

Now mind you, I do not usually get this crazy about particular musicians, but I just couldn’t help it. If you’ve ever listened to DM Stith, you know how completely beautiful and captivating the music is. I just couldn’t tear myself away from his music, and I knew that if he really did live here, I just had to meet him. Well, I did. And just as I’d hoped, he’s a really nice guy.

Luckily, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I learned he’d just gotten back from a European tour AND had a local show coming up to promote, so he agreed to be a guest on my radio show that week. The show was a lot of fun, he brought some music from his own listening collection and played some songs over the air. Hopefully, I’ll be posting it up here soon. My co-host and I had a great time discussing music, school, and other related topics with him. Within a week I got to watch him perform at the Bishop with local band Smedley Jergins and a NY touring band, Inlets. The show was amazing and it was great to hear old and new tunes.

I recently found a few YouTube videos from an overseas performance of some of the new songs he performed at The Bishop, and just wanted to share them, so that you all could see how great this music really is.  I really can’t describe it, I just love too many things about it.

Also check out DM Stith at these sites: DM Stith, Asthmatic Kitty, MySpace, Daytrotter, Facebook, Twitter.

Sparklehorse cover: “Spirit Ditch”

*Click here to hear the original

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