Goodbye, Redbird.

It’s hard to see bands you love take the stage for the last time. A part of you is so excited to hear a great show, songs you love, and songs you hoped to add to your list of favorites; while another part of you is just heartbroken that what once was will probably never be again.

Last week fans said goodbye to Redbird, a great Bloomington band which sprouted from the descriptive songwriting of Michael Bushman. Along with bandmates Andy Shaw (bass) and Alex Kroh (drums), the band put on its final performance last week at The Bishop to an energetic crowd of family, friends, and fans. They played favorites from their album Grow Good Things as well as a good batch of new tunes. It was bittersweet to be in the audience, enjoying it so much, yet knowing that it wasn’t going to happen again. I’ve really grown to love the music Redbird made, and I’m probably going to be listening to their songs for the rest of my life.

I don’t really know how to put into words what I love about Redbird, it’s a lot of things combined. One of the top reasons is that I just love the music. I love the sounds and songs that come from this musical group, whether songs are about loss, missing friends, family matters, or just life in general, they are great tunes and great songwriting coming together. I also love the chemistry of friends making music together, and seeing my friends make music. It’s a humbling experience to watch a band come together and grow, and you feel more like you are a part of it, when it involves people you have come to know.

I’m also a sucker for Michael Bushman. His voice, his demeanor, and his general humbleness often keep me in support of whatever he does. To this day, he remains on of the most genuine people I have ever met, and the songs that he contributed to Redbird were often wonderful creative depictions of the thoughts running around in his head.

I’m sorry to see the band part ways, but happy for the members as well. It’s a great opportunity for them take on new challenges in their lives as we all do. Also, maybe they will pick up new sounds and continue to make new music. Whatever the future holds, it is definitely a new Redbird release, which the band announced at the show. They took time to record a ton of new material and will be releasing it hopefully this summer or early fall.

So for everyone who has ever listened to, known, or loved Redbird’s music, hold those memories tight; lots of great songs, shows, and moments. And look forward to the next, and maybe final, Redbird release later this year.

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