New Album: DM Stith “Heavy Ghost Appendices”

Cover Art by David Stith

The semi-follow-up to DM Stith’s debut album Heavy Ghost (2009) is finally here: Heavy Ghost Appendices.  The album is a double disc collection of songs from the first album that were revisited and reworked in the form of remixes, demos, and new orchestrations, as well as a few cover songs. With 22 tracks total, Heavy Ghost Appendices is both an album in itself and an extension of the previous album.

Photo by Tom Cops

Featuring guest artists and collaborators such as Ensemble, I Heart Lung, Rafter, Clark, and Bloomington’s own Jefferson Street Band, the songs are reworked into a variety of styles and genres, giving new energy and sounds to the tunes we’ve come to love.  Stith himself also covers songs by David Byrne, Diane Cluck, Randy Newman, and The Ronettes.

Also providing the album art, this release again displays Stith’s multiple talents as an accomplished performing and visual artist.

Purchase your copy of Heavy Ghost Appendices online or be sure to buy one from DM Stith on his upcoming US and Canadian tour with Inlets and Silje Nes.

DM Stith Links:
Asthmatic Kitty Records


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