Summertime, Tourtime

As summer is upon us, change is happening everywhere. If you are like me, you have just graduated and are looking for a job (hint, hint to employers). If you are kind of like me, you just graduated and HAVE a job (hats off to you!). But either way in a college town like Bloomington, it’s the time to celebrate since many of the usually constantly flooded streets are a little less busy and a little more enjoyable. Why? A majority of the students are gone, and the people who actually love to call this place home are more visible. Let the fun begin…but wait, something is missing. Where are the bands??

Summer is also a great time for the bands that spoil us with their constant presence other times of the year, to spread their wings and embark on the ultimate self-marketing ploy, touring. And although I miss them terribly when they are out of town, I am also very proud to see so many bands and friends hitting the road to let others enjoy and experience their amazing talents. Plus we get a fair share of bands doing the same from other places coming through Bloomington to keep us from getting too bored.

And as a tip for bands on tour, keep a tour blog! It’s so easy with sites like Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger (Blogspot) that do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick a theme and write. We fans love to read about your adventures and journeys; plus it’s a great way to keep track of great stories, lessons learned, and places you may want to stop by, or recommend in the future!

Below are Bloomington bands that will be hitting the road this summer and links to their tour dates, as well as tour blogs for some. Be sure to check them out, tell your friends about them, and keep up in case they need a place to stay while on the road (believe me it happens).

husband&wife (Tour Blog)
e.p. hall (Updates) (Twitter)
Rodeo Ruby Love (Tour Blog)
Good Luck (twitter)
DM Stith (blog)
Eric Ayotte
Th’ Empires
Selfish Whales
Andy D (more dates to come in June) (Twitter)

Honorable Mention:
Prizzy Prizzy Please
ARRAH AND THE FERNS (finally releasing that album and touring in support of it!)

* I know there are other local bands that I missed who are touring this summer, let me know and I’ll add your info!


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