Check out Selfish Whales on IYMI, Download New Album!

The indie-lover’s favorite DIY music site If You Make It, seems to have a soft-spot for great Bloomington bands, most recently, Selfish Whales.  We first saw the site posting this video from a Rachael’s Cafe performance of “Tuesday Blues” back in September:

This week IYMI is featuring Selfish Whales’ debut release Enjoy the Weather. The album can be downloaded free from the site, but consider taking advantage of the “donate to the band” link to help out a great bunch of musicians.

If you missed the CD Release Party last month at Russian Recording, let me fill you in. The performance room was packed, warm, and a tad sweaty, but full of fans exploring the sounds and singing along. There were vegan cookies available for those who purchased CDs and/or posters, and the CDs were looking mighty wonderful with their handmade sleeves and handwritten notes. The songs are joyful and catchy and make you want to grab and instrument (or voice) and sing along.

Check out the album on IYMI and browse around while your there for great video sessions with other local acts such as Good Luck, Busman’s Holiday, and Eric Ayotte, plus some of my favorites of Maps&Atlases, Cast Spells, and Laura Stevenson (& the Cans).

Selfish Whales Enjoy The Weather on IYMI
Selfish Whales MySpace
Selfish Whales Bandcamp


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