A Polite Letter to The Dodos

Dear Band (The Dodos),

Hey There! How are you guys doing? Remember me? Probably not. Well, I’m a music fan in a sweet little town named Bloomington, Indiana. Sound familiar? Yes, you guys rocked it here in 2008 at the WIUX Culture Shock Music Festival at Indiana University. Coming back to you? Yeah, it was a great show right? Remember the awesome FOOD you got to eat after the show?? Maybe not, but if you do, I was the girl who served it to you, and let you take tons back with you when we had to clean house in 20 minutes or less. Yes, yes, the good old days. But, alas, that is NOT what this friendly letter is about.

This is more of a kind reminder. Remember when you were supposed to come BACK to Bloomington? It was about the Fall/Winter of 2008. You were going to play a show at Rhino’s All-Ages Club, with a local band, I’m pretty sure it would have been the Delicious. Well, if my memory serves me right, it was the week that Meric Long was suffering from what was rumored to be Mono, and thus the band was unable to make it to the show, but gave word that they would come back soon.

Well…it’s now summer of 2010, and while I’m not one to hold grudges, it would be great if your next tour could run through our city/town. We’ve got a lot of great venues, appreciating fans, and very worthy local bands to open for you. I understand that you guys have had a lot going on since then. Believe me, I’m proud that you took time to put out a new album and continue touring and performing at venues and festivals all over the world. HOWEVER, it would really be great to see you guys in concert once again, and not have to drive hours to get there.

Hope to see you soon,

A Fan

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