Local Obsession: TimeLove

Photo by Rachel Ankney (Click to see more)

It was really only a matter of time before I couldn’t get enough of this band. I mean, first of all, two of the members live next door to me, so I’ve basically been listening to them (sometimes with no choice) since the first day they decided to get the electronic drum pads out. Secondly, because their sound mixes live instruments and electronic sound, it’s near impossible to not be at least interested in what’s going on. And lastly, there are just so many people in the band that whether they are practicing or performing on stage, it always feels like a party is going on that you definitely want to join.

Photo by Rachel Ankney
Photo by Rachel Ankney

TimeLove is somewhat of a superband, with members from many different musical backgrounds and other bands (Impure Jazz, Calumet Reel, Tiny Thieves, etc.). There are keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, additional percussion, electronic instruments, even saxophones! And with all of those different influences, the band creates a great blend of party rock, beats, and hip-hop. While their SoundCloud page currently has only three rough mixes, the band has a full set (and then some) of songs already. TimeLove is well on its way to developing a great new sound for the Bloomington scene, and once school starts back up, I see no reason why they won’t be the talk of the town, rocking house parties and venues and leaving no still-standing bodies in the room.

“Arms & Legs”

“Baby Colors”

And a little live footage for your viewing pleasure:


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