If You Aren’t Pumped for husband&wife’s Proud Flesh…


Proud Flesh is the upcoming full-length album from local band (my fave!) husband&wife. It will be their fourth full-length release and probably their loudest album to date. I’ve heard many of the songs live this year, and trust me, the boys men of husband&wife are seriously bringing the power in this one.  Forget the soft, lullaby-esque indie rock ballads. This time around things are louder, meatier, and full of a whole new energy.

Proud Flesh is set to release on October 26 on Crossroads of America Records, but you can download the title track from the band’s bandcamp page.  It’s a fun jam with a summer at the beach feel and an amazing intensity of vocals and guitars in the chorus.  You can choose to donate a bit for your download, or you can take yours for free.


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