Preview: Maps & Atlases @ the Bishop

Maps & Atlases are coming to Bloomington on Tuesday. They will be delivering amazing sounds at The Bishop with Tera Melos and The Globes. You should be attending.

…If you don’t know who this band is and why you should go…well, just click this ‘tag’ for ‘maps & atlases‘ and read everything I have ever written about them on this blog. If you just aren’t planning on going at all, well, I don’t even know how to respond to that, in fact, I don’t know why you bothered clicking on this post at all.


If you came to the blog post to be convinced that you should go to the show, then I will tell you this:

The first time I heard of Maps & Atlases, I wasn’t prepared…at all. It was the Fall semester of 2006, my first year of college. They were playing at the student union, and all of my new, hip, older college friends were making a huge deal about it. By the time Maps & Atlases took the floor, there were so many people surrounding them that I had to stand on a chair just to be able to see the top of Dave Davison’s hair. The sounds they made, the sounds I heard that night, changed the way I listened to music for the rest of my life and opened my eyes and ears to a musical curiosity I’d never known.

I’m not saying you will have the same experience, but I hope that you take the opportunity to at least check them out and see for yourself the magic that this band creates with their instruments. All four band members are truly talented musicians and with a special knack for thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating songs.

Here is the first M&A song I ever heard:

The first M&A song I fell completely in love with:

And here are some of the many reasons why I still love this band today, and don’t plan to ever stop:

See you Tuesday.  Doors at 9pm, tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the venue or in advance at Landlocked Music, BCT Box Office, or Spirit of 68 Promotions.


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