New Mariah Carey Christmas “Classic”??

I recently read a post from Yahoo! and was intrigued by its title “Mariah Carey Upstaged by Her Own Mom in New Holiday Video“. I lost interest in Carey years back when she started drastically changing her image and sound to appear more trendy and ‘hip’. I feel like she lost sight of what really made her appealing: her voice; not her body, not her ‘urban’ appeal (remember that song she did with Bone Thugs N’ Harmony), and certainly not her acting (Glitter, enough said). These days with her disappointing singles and publicity plugs it really wouldn’t be hard for anyone in the pop world to upstage Carey, but by her own mother? This was a headline I had to explore.

The post was in reference to a video that recently went viral to YouTube of Mariah Carey singing “O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus” with her mother for her latest holiday album. In the video, Carey starts out singing a calm and sweet “O Come All Ye Faithful”, complete with ‘Mariah hands’ and her fluttering vocals. Then partway through her mother, Patricia Carey enters the tune singing an operatic “Hallelujah Chorus”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but then Carey tries to bust back into the joint. She’s kind of hollering, and it is pretty unpleasant.

I think the post was right in calling out that Carey is indeed ‘upstaged’ by her mother, but I feel like the author completely ignored the fact that after the opera interlude, the track is all over the place vocally. I felt overwhelmed with high-pitched noise listening to it and the mix between the opera singing and Carey harmonizing makes the song end up sounding like a holiday medley mess. It’s not quite a catastrophe, but if this ends up getting as much play as Carey’s last holiday jingle success, I really fear for anyone who ends up having to hear a programmed holiday music station while waiting in line to purchase gifts this year. I mean the last note of the song literally gives me a headache. It’s a pitch only deer should hear (and then run away from).


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