DM Stith: Spirit Ditch EP

If you’ve read this blog at all in the year 2010, then you should be pretty sure who my favorite artist was over the past year: DM Stith. In the course of one year I now only met him and saw him perform live, but spent much time in the local record store collecting all of his albums. David Stith is an amazingly talented songwriter and performer: EVERYONE should be checking out his music. That being said, you can only imagine my heartbreak and disappointment when Stith moved back to his homestate New York, leaving our beautiful college town (Bloomington, IN) behind.

But alas, it’s obviously for the best, I mean after settling from his own tour, Stith quickly announced he would be spending the rest of the year on tour with Sufjan Stevens, not only performing in Stevens’ touring band, but also playing a few opening slots. Not bad at all. You can even catch some shots of him on the band’s performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I’m trying really hard not to be jealous.

With all the traveling, excitement, and costumes with the Sufjan circus, there has still been time to brainstorm Stith’s own musical ambitions. To celebrate his first solo US tour, label Asthmatic Kitty released a limited edition (we’re talking only 300 signed copies) one-sided LP titled Spirit Ditch EP.

As it is no longer available on the AK website I’m guessing they are either already gone, or perhaps he’s carrying them along on tour, but if you find yourself in the opportunity to get one, GRAB IT! (Well, I mean please PAY for it, and make sure you are paying the artist and not some sleazy bootlegger.) The rare six-track EP is centered around the beautiful rendition of the Sparklehorse song “Spirit Ditch”, which Stith began working on and incorporating into his set in early 2010. The EP also features a newer Stith tune “Riverbody Chorus” and “Lacuna D” from the long-running Lacuna instrumental series. Other tracks are provided by Stith’s touring mates Inlets and Silje Nes.

While the Sufjan tour is currently at rest, don’t think the fun will be settling long, they’ll be heading out to tour Australia and New Zealand in January. Oh what fun.

If you missed out on a chance to get the EP, at least enjoy watching this video of the “Spirit Ditch” cover:


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