Selfish Whales on IYMI’s “Pink Couch Sessions”

Click here to watch the video on IYMI!

Well, this is a flashback (kind of).  Remember local band Selfish Whales? They were a band with a bunch of college age members, a bunch of instruments, and a bunch of happy sounding indie-folk pop songs. They were a fave among many, and when their first full length album Enjoy the Weather came out in summer 2010, many were excited for what would follow.  What followed was a tour and then a break. And with about half of the band no longer living in Bloomington, it’s hard to say when their “hiatus” status will be lifted.

HOWEVER, while the band was together and touring in support of the album, they made a wise stop in New York for one of If You Make It‘s infamous Pink Couch Sessions.  The couch has played host to many indie darlings including Maps & Atlases, Franz Nicolay, Kevin Devine, Defiance, Ohio and even other local bands like Good Luck, Eric Ayotte, and Busman’s Holiday. It’s a great opportunity for a no-strings, up-close, fun performance, which is then uploaded to the IYMI website for viral publicity.

Anyway, with this video, the band crammed in and tied for “Most People on the Couch” (7 people — record also held by Ava Luna) and gave a wonderful performance of their folksy tune “Platforms”.

Check out the kind write-up with the video on If You Make It. And throw a little support their way! You can purchase Enjoy the Weather and  a lot of other great albums right off of the IYMI website, there are also tons of mp3s of live session clips, great video performances, and a lot of information about the bands you will soon love.


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